Women returners

Returning to work after having children

For many of us, returning to work after having children or for any other reason can be a daunting experience. For women - or indeed men - who have chosen to spend time at home bringing up children, redefining yourself as a working professional can prove challenging, with self confidence in short supply.


Many women returning to work find their goals and values have shifted. The demands of raising a young family mean you may be looking for flexible, part time work rather than the long regular hours you worked before. Some women returners want an entire change of direction, many want to start their own businesses.


Those of us who do want to return to their former workplace or profession sometimes find the landscape has changed. Skills may need to be updated or new qualifications acquired.


At times like this, the perspective and feedback of a trained experienced career coach can be very empowering and make all the difference in your successful return to work.


At Opportune we can help you regain your confidence, reappraise your experience, recognize your transferable skills and redefine your goals.

Whether you're a woman or a man returning to full or part time employment, at Opportune we're here to help you make a smooth and confident transition back into the workplace.


Our affordable group workshops for women returners offer a range of support and information in the following areas


  • Assertiveness training
  • Confidence building
  • Producing an effective CV
  • IT training
  • How best to prepare and perform at interview
  • Letter writing techniques
  • Understanding the open and closed job market
  • Personal image sessions with guidance on body language
  • Skills analysis and re-training options


Please read our blog from one of our working mothers who is returning to the workplace after a break of 12 years: