The whole point of media handling skills is to make the most of the incredible opportunity the media

can give you and your business. The secret is to exploit that opportunity and avoid potential pitfalls.

The first thing to appreciate is the great change in the media landscape in the last few years; this will

affect any encounter you have with the media.The advent of social media means the news is often

being reported before a company's PR machine is ready to respond. If your company finds itself at the

centre of a story, are you in a position to defend and enhance its reputation in an interview or press

conference? Practical advice on best practice comes from a BBC professional whose interview credits

range from George Clooney to George W. Bush.


This seminar will prepare you for a range of interview styles, raising awareness of today's media

environment, leaving you with the skills and confidence to handle it.





This is for people confident they can appear behind the mic or in front of the camera and represent

their company effectively, but want to gain a better understanding of the proliferation of the media

in general and social media in particular. There is now more opportunity to get your message across,

but also greater risks both to your reputation and that of your business. It is no longer possible to

control what's in the public domain, so how best should you try to influence what's out there?

The digital age means a simple 'no comment' will not be enough to close a story down, so deciding

when to engage with the media is a crucial first step to damage limitation. Then there is the 'how':

the advent of rolling 24-hour news means more people than ever will have their say and be given

airtime - yours will be one voice among many, so how can you make it count?

Most of your employees will have their own on-line identity – how can you avoid that reflecting

badly on your company?

Using real examples, this seminar will guide you towards a successful media strategy, focusing on

how to avoid some of the elephant traps, so you can get your message heard.


 Presentation Skills


A one day training course where you will be filmed presenting and you will learn various new


At the end of the day you will:


Be more effective in meetings through personal impact and authority.


Have learnt more about body language and how to read it and gain valuable insight into effective

voice coaching helping you to influence and be more persuasive.


Have improved confidence and more gravitas and professional impact.