The open and hidden job markets

Seeking out the jobs that are never advertised

The open and hidden job markets are often likened to an iceberg - you can only see the tip - the open market - while the much larger portion of the job market is hidden beneath the surface.


When we talk of the open job market we usually mean advertising and recruitment consultants. The hidden job market on the other hand is driven by networking and direct approaches.


Many jobs, perhaps as many as 70%, are not advertised. Some employers want to avoid the expense of advertising while others receive so many speculative applications that they have no need to advertise. Often those hiring prefer to recruit someone recommended personally by word of mouth.


Though the hidden job market is where you stand a much greater chance of success in finding a job, it is also the area candidates spend the least amount of time looking. Most hope the recruitment consultants will do the work for them and just sit waiting for the phone to ring. This strategy quickly becomes demoralizing and can often lead to a sense of powerlessness.


At Opportune we strongly encourage you to network and make direct approaches to contacts and companies. Taking control  is not only empowering but creates more opportunities and possibilities which in turn balances out the impact of any rejections you may receive in the process of applying for jobs in the open job market.


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