Skills analysis and psychometric tests

Helping you to find your ideal career

To be fulfilled and successful in your job, you need to ensure your abilities, values and personality are consistent with those needed for your chosen career and the organisation you work for.


Whether you’re looking for general career advice or just want help to establish your suitability for a particular line of work, psychometric tests can be highly informative.


Though psychometric tests alone don’t provide a definitive answer they do provide guidance in deciding whether a particular career path is right for you by giving you a judgement free, entirely objective view of your personality and behaviour style.


At Opportune we use a variety of Psychometric tests including 15FQ+ and the JTI.


It’s vitally important to remember that no profile is 'better' or 'worse' than any other - your  profile simply reports a style of behaviour with its inherent strengths without making value judgements. And it won’t ‘pigeonhole’ you either. Most people find knowing and understanding their behavioural tendencies highly empowering, allowing them to modify their behaviour when appropriate and to make smart, informed choices about the direction their career takes.