Using your contacts to create opportunities

Whether we like it or not the most successful approach to the job market is through professional networking with contacts. The majority of jobs are filled without ever being advertised, either through a network contact or through head hunters.


It is therefore really important to get on to a professional network through your own personal contacts. Career networking can take us out of our comfort zone, requiring us to call strangers and risk rejection. However with good preparation and practice, networking gets easier and can be enjoyable. You’ll be surprised by how ready people are to help. And remember, you are also valuable to some of your network contacts for information and advice.


The principle of networking is to secure meetings with contacts, and through them, meetings with their contacts. By creating an expanding network of contacts you can use them to research the job market, make your availability known and gain access to information about job opportunities.


Networking is an ongoing process that is worth doing regardless of whether you are currently in work


Following a few basic rules will take the stress out of the process of career networking. Above all do as much research into the sector you are interested in order to demonstrate active interest and to enable you to participate fully in your meetings. And of course, never forget the importance of thank you letters and updates to the person who originally put you in touch.


At Opportune we emphasize the importance of networking and as part of our one to one coaching we keep in regular phone contact with you to make sure your networking targets are met.