Developing successful interview techniques

Interviews are usually a source of anxiety for job applicants but with practice and good preparation they needn’t be an ordeal.


Although there can be a variety of interview formats, the key to any successful interview is always good preparation. By preparing yourself not only will you be more likely to be able to provide coherent answers but you will naturally give out an air of inner confidence.


Above all, do as much research as you can about the company, its sector and products before you go. Be clear on what the job is and how your skills and experience fit you for it. Find out as much as you can about the person or people interviewing you: their responsibilities and the major issues they are facing.


Plan the route and time the journey, leaving yourself plenty of spare time to get there, tidy yourself up, relax and, most importantly, to sit in reception and get a feel for the atmosphere.


The first impression you give at an interview really does count. We are all apt to judge by appearances and research has consistently shown that only about ten percent of the information we convey in interviews is in the actual words we speak! Another quarter is in the way we say them, and all the rest is in our body language and appearance.


With that in mind never underestimate the importance of your appear ance in an interview. Make sure you comply with the established dress code for that particular company and if in doubt err on the side of formality.


At Opportune, we provide comprehensive advice and support on every aspect of interviews and interviewing techniques across the range of interview formats. We take away the anxiety of interviews by going through questions and answers in detail.  We analyse your strengths and weaknesses by conducting a mock interview with an unknown interviewer and we work on your body language, showing you how to establish a rapport quickly and how not to alienate people.