How to write a successful CV

Create an impact with your CV

Your CV is your marketing brochure. As such it needn't and shouldn't include all and every piece of information about you. One of the main errors people tend to make is trying to cram in too much.


Writing a successful CV means highlighting your relevant skills to a potential employer and saying enough to make them feel they have to see you. You need to remember that the average amount of time a prospective employer or HR executive spends looking at your CV is only 30 seconds. A good CV is one that makes an instant impact.


Above all a successful CV will be visually clear, carefully ordered and easy to read. Use simple but fluent language and try to avoid tired phrases and clichés. Keep information concise and relevant, avoiding unnecessary content. Identify your key skills, making it clear what you can do and what you can offer. Where possible quantify your achievements with data or performance evidence. Try to avoid exaggerations and making claims you can't fulfil!  Everything you include must be true, albeit presented in the best possible light.


There is no need to include personal information such as marital status, health or interests. These are unlikely to contribute to your CV being selected and might even hinder your chances by alienating the reader.


At Opportune we work closely with you to make sure your CV is as effective as possible. We'll advise you on layout and visual presentation, help find fresh and innovative ways to describe your skills and give you objective feedback on how your CV will be perceived by industry professionals.


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