Campaign planning and development

Supporting you in your search for work

At Opportune we believe that searching for a job is a full time job in itself.

Developing your job search campaign and providing continuous support as you embark on your campaign are key components of Opportune's one to one career coaching plan.


We look at target setting, follow up calls and email contact with potential employers, analyze what is working and where extra support may be needed. We advise you on how to keep effective records of your campaign and how to cross reference.


As part of our one to one coaching we keep in regular contact by phone and email to keep track of your progress and offer advice and encouragement.


Our focused and collaborative approach to campaign planning has a proven track record. Where candidates are not in work we expect them to commit thirty hours a week to job searching, hence our success with candidates finding jobs quickly.


If you would like to learn more about campaign planning or discuss our one to one coaching in more detail, why not take advantage of a free half hour consultation with one of Opportune's experienced career coaches and call or email us today?